CEO Profile

The CEO Profile

1969 Born in Tokyo
1991 Graduated from Kitazato University, Bachelor of Pharmacy. Obtained a pharmacist license.
1991 to 2014 Marketing manager for various kinds of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products at Kracie Co., Ltd. (Previously Kanebo home products Co., Ltd.), L’Oreal Japan Co., Ltd., Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim Co., Ltd.
Besides the job careers, studied cooking at "KUSHI Macrobiotic Academy" and "International Food and Culture Association", and obtained the license for a trainer of food education.
February, 2014 Held a Japanese Home Style Cooking Class for foreigners at the International Lounge in Sagamihara city.
August, 2014 Started the "WASHO COOK" Japanese Cooking Class at her own house in Sagamiono.
June, 2015 Opened the second classroom in Kichijoji
January 2016 Incorporated WASHO COOK CO., Ltd.

List of Media Appearance and work

February, 2016 BS Fuji "A Dream Dining"
January, 2016 Supervised English translation for the cook book of "Easy, Tasty Japanese Cuisine"
December, 2015 NTV "News every" ? OSECHI or Japanese New Year meal from a Japanese cooking class for foreigners
October, 2015 A short documentary interview for an educational DVD for middle school student of Benesse Corporation
September, 2015 NTV "News every" ? Japanese cuisine spreading to the world.
September, 2015 MXTV "Morning CROSS" ? "The TOKYO foreigners"
December, 2014 NHK Good morning Japan "News in towns" ? OSECHI or Japanese New Year meal cooking class for foreigners
December, 2014 TV Asahi Corp. "Morning Bird" ? Evolving cooking school
December, 2014 KANAGAWA SHIMBUN ? food cultures grow communities
October, 2014 TV Kanagawa "News α 930" ? Japanese cultures spread by cuisines
September, 2014 The Nikkei "OTONA-NO off (the Time to relax for mature people)"