Franchise Business

Franchise Business

The franchise contract is to grant the license for opening your own school under the brand name of Washocook.


If you think about opening your own cooking school for foreigners or starting up your business after finishing the Washocook instructor’s training course, please consider the opportunity of becoming a franchisee.


In the Washocook

instructor’s training course, we will provide various kinds of know-how to start up your business. Starting as a franchisee could be a good opportunity to use your knowledge and skills.


As a franchisee, you can give lessons and work as an instructor using the curriculums of Wshocook. We will support you to manage your business in many ways such as helping for attracting international travelers and residents, providing the know-how of managing classes and giving advices to operate your business.


Franchisees will get various benefits including being introduced on the Washocook website as our team and obtaining a right to participate in the follow-up lessons for free.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us from the contact form.