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Online Okonomiyaki Lesson. The taste of mom in Osaka

  1. Let’s make Okonomiyaki together in Online lesson! Okonomiyaki is a savory Japanese-style pancake made from cabbage, egg, flour and water with lots of toppings. You can put sliced pork, seafood and whatever you like on it. In this online class we can enjoy making Okonomiyaki together. Okonomiyaki is very popular in Osaka. I live in Osaka so I make and eat Okonomiyaki frequently. I will tell you the magical way to making delicious Okonomiyaki in this class. 
  2. After you book the class, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join. I will also send you a recipe, so please prepare the ingredients in advance.
1.5 hour online Okonomiyaki cooking class
Recipes (will be provided before the class)
Ingredients for Okonomiyaki
Cooking tools
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM for our class in advance
Please prepare the following ingredients for this class: (serves 1)
100g flour,  100cc water,  1/4 head of cabbage, 10g dashi powder , green onion,2eggs, Thin slice pork meat (or bacon), About 50g Seafood mix , About 50g Chinese yam(or potato), aonori sea weed(If you have), bonito flake(If you have),  Red pickled ginger (or chopped ginger) 1 table spoon,  Mayonnaise, ※Okonomiyaki-sauce, ※Tenkasu
※Okonomiyaki-sauce →If you don't have you can make it from BBQ sauce(or Worcestershire sauce), ketchup, soy sauce and oyster sauce ( I will send a recipe after you book this lesson)
※Tenkasu→If you don't have you can make it from flour, water, vegetable oil  and vinegar( I will send a recipe after you book and make it together in this lesson)
☆If you have any questions or requests such as schedule , ingredients and so on, Please feel free to contact me, press the REQUEST or CONTACT button.

Online Temari-Zushi and Carp streamer egg roll lesson

Let’s enjoy making “Temari Zushi”
and “Carp streamer shaped egg roll” in online lesson.
Temari Zushi is Ball-shapes Sushi
In this lesson we will make Temari Zushi  with prosciutto, smoked salmon, thin omelets and vegetables.
Carp streamer is called “Koinobori” in Japanese.
We hung up the “Koinobori” on Children’s day.
But you can enjoy this egg roll other than Children’s Day.
This egg roll wrapped with mashed potatoes, cheese  and bacon.
They are good for celebration dishes !

Let’s enjoy making Teriyaki chicken and Japanese style potage


(Vegan)Online Fried Gyoza and miso soup for vegan

Let's enjoy making  Fried gyoza and miso soup for vegan !
Maybe as you know basic Fried gyoza is a Japanese style dumpling with ground pork, cabbage and Chinese chives inside.
In this online lesson, we use Tofu instead of ground meat.
We will make Gyoza with cabbage, Chinese chives, Tofu and dried shiitake mushrooms. And we use miso as the secret ingredient. You can enjoy real Japanese mother's home taste in this lesson.
And we also make miso soup for vegan.
It doesn't use bonito flakes and  boiled-dried fish-dashi.
It's vegetable broth miso soup. So it's very mild taste and good for your health.

Kaori Yokota

Teachers profile
Hello I’m Kaori. Nice to meet you. I’m a Washocook instructor. I have a cooking license. I love cooking and traveling. I have traveled to 13 countries and enjoyed cooking with the local people. I love communicate with many countries people while cooking. I was born in USA and came back to Japan when I was a little child. Now I live in Osaka. I want to enjoy making Japanese home cooking with you. I hold some cooking lessons. In Okonomiyaki lesson,I will tell you the best way to making delicious Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is very popular in Osaka. I live in Osaka and I’m Okan in Osaka. Okan means mother in Osaka dialect. Have fun with cooking together !!
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