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"KAWAII" Colourful School lunch Bento Class

Welcome to this online "KAWAII" colourful school lunch bento class, to help you make the healthy school lunch bento boxes you've always wanted to.
As a busy mother myself, I know the struggles we go through to make our childrens lunches everyday, we want them to be, not only healthy, but something our children will want to eat. This is a colourful healthy school lunch class that fits into your life, teaching you what you need to know to be on your way to creating the bento boxes you've dreamed of.

Japanese Tuna Sushi Rolls Lunch Box

I will show you how to make healthy tuna sushi rolls and get a step by step guide to rolling sushi online or in person with me.

With ZOOM or in person, you can get answers to your questions in your own home!


What you'll learn.

★Colourful healthy school lunches with a hint of Japanese cuisine. ★Basic sushi making techniques which will help you create a variety of sushi rolls for healthy school lunches. ★Understand the basics of how to design and cook your sushi rolls.




A one hour online "KAWAII"colourful school lunch bento cooking class. (Recipes will be provided before the class).

Every mum wants to see their kids big smile!

Let's make healthy lunch boxes together



四角に切ったスポンジケーキを 伝統的なチョコレートソースで コーティングし、 ココナッツフレークをまぶしたケーキです。  

名前の由来が、 1896年にクィーンズランド州の 総督であったラミントン卿が ブリズベンの夏の暑さを 凌ぐために訪れた際に、


余り材料がない中で作られた デザートが気に入られて 「ラミントン」と名付けられました。

Classic Aussie Lamington ラミントン~

Ingredients材料 〇Sponge cake スポンジケーキ5号サイズ(市販のもの) 〇1 cup desiccated coconut ココナッツフレーク1カップ

Chocolate icing

〇1cups icing sugar mixture 粉砂糖1カップ 〇20g cocoa powder ココアパウダー20g 〇50ml boiling water 沸騰したお湯50ml 〇10g butter, melted 溶かしバター10g


包丁、まな板、ボール、フォーク、ワイヤーラック(ソーセージロールにも使います)、 クッキングペーパー、 広めのスープ皿(ココナッツをコーティングする時に使います)

Yuki, Yengwirda

Teachers profile
Hi! My name is Yuki, I’m a mum of two and I am a pavlova artist.  I am a certified instructor of Washocook. I provide “KAWAII” colourful school lunch box classes in Brisbane, Australia. In Japan making bento boxes through the commitment of time and thought to creating healthy, innovative and beautiful lunch boxes are an expression of a mother’s love for her children. I have a passion for creating school lunch boxes incorporating a Japanese taste in a composition that matches the school's morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. I would love to contribute to the health and happiness of all Australians. I am so excited to show you how to make awesome school lunch boxes. Thank you for visiting my profile!
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