Cute Riceballs

Chakinzushi, sushi rice wrapped in a thin omelette!!



Welcome to my online  "Chakinzushi" cooking class!  Sushi rice with various ingredients will be wrapped in a thin omelette.  It's  quite easy but looks so gorgeous.  Chakinzushi would be definitely a main dish for your home party as well as for the picnic lunch. And pork miso soup would go well with itl

I've already received good reviews that many participants liked it! I promise you will like its good taste. Let's roll up our sleeves and enjoy Japanese cooking. Looking forward to seeing through Zoom.

Menu: Chakinzushi  and pork miso soup


1.Follow along with a detailed demonstration from your friendly online instructor and create your own Chakinzushi.

2.I'm a national licensed tour guide . So, if you like , why not enjoying talking about Japanese culture or your next trip to Japan while cooking!


A 1.5-hour online cooking class

Recipes (will be provided before the class)


Ingredients and cooking tools.

Meeting Point and Meeting Time:

This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM for my class in advance.

Please prepare the following ingredients for this class:

<for Chakinzushi> Cooked rice, eggs, cucumber, boiled shrimp (or crab meat),red bell pepper, black sesame seeds, some green vegetable for topping like snow peas, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, dashi powder

<Pork miso soup>  Onion, green onion, sweet potato, carrot, thinly-sliced pork, miso paste, Shichimi pepper(Japanese spice if you like) , mirin

Details for above will be sent in advance.



Soba sushi ( Soba noodle roll)

  Instead of sushi rice, let's use Soba noodle( buckwheat needle)!
You will be surprised to try this.
Miso soup, a seasonal side dish, and   how to make Japanese Dashi broth are also included.

Original sushi-making experience with various toppings in Kyoto

  I show you how to make your original sushi easily.
  It consists of Chirashizushi, sushi rice topped with various ingredients and Makizushi, rolled shushi or Temarizushi, tiny-ball sushi.
  Additionally, let's make miso soup, a side dish, and dessert!!
Hope you'll take what you learn in my class and serve your friends and family sushi back home.
Besides this menu, I also other lessons, such as a character bento box and Japanese household dishes.
How to make Japanese Dashi broth is included .
When we're finished, let's eat together!!

Original sushi-making experience with various toppings in Kyoto

In my class, I show you how to make your original sushi easily , did I mention "cool"? It consists of chirashizushi, vinegar rice mixed or topped with various ingredients, and makizushi, rolled sushi (makizushi could be changed to temarizushi). You can customize it with a few additional ingredients to make special to your taste! And additionally, let's cook miso soup, a side dish and a dessert!
Hope you'll be able to take what you learn in this class and serve your friends and family sushi back home.
Besides that, I also offer other lessons, such as Japanese traditional home cooking and Character-bento making.
How to make Japanese dashi stock is included in all lessons.
When we’re finished, let's eat those dishes together!

Kawaii Maikosan

Cool samurai!!

seasonal plate

Vegan Ramen and Gyouza at local home

Lets make Vegan Ramen and Gyouza at local home. In Japan, vegetarian or Vegan food is quite tough due to Dashi, soup stock made by mainly bonito flake (it's made out of fish stock).

Ramen is a noodle dish with a delicious soup and several toppings. Gyoza is a dumpling made with minced stuffing. They are becoming increasingly popular cross the world.

Children are more than welcome. I have some amenities that they can use we have various toys and free access to wifi:)

Japanese Cooking Pretty Rolled Sushi in Kyoto

Let’s make Japanese pretty rolled sushi together!

Rolled sushi has been made for Japanese festivals or home party from long time ago. Originally it was simple sushi with toasted laver, but Japanese house wife created the new pretty rolled sushi which fits with the times. Cutting them, we can find pretty cross sections like flowers, animals and so on. I’m sure your party will be lively and happy if you serve this sushi at home!

We will make two kind of Pretty Rolled Sushi. And I will serve miso soup and side dishes and dessert at the time of tasting.

Enjoy making Pretty Rolled Sushi!