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-Begin with a single dish for cha-kaiseki/everyday cooking -

I offer the online cooking class of cha-kaiseki, which beginners can make at home for people living in the United States who learn tea ceremonies. Cha-kaiseki is a meal served in a chaji (full course tea function), where both hosts and the guests should act, keeping in mind that every moment is unique, so it has the characteristic of adding a message or theme to the dish. This characteristic includes a sense of the seasons such as seasonal ingredients, colorful and beautiful arrangements, tableware design, space preparation for dining, and a table manner. Therefore, you can experience the traditional Japanese aesthetics by learning cha-kaiseki.


太巻き 籠

Rolled Sushi Class or Any Other Washoku Dishes






巻きずし4 巻きずし2



Thank you for your visiting to my class page!!  

Through my cooking class,  you can learn mainly rolled sushi which is very traditional Japanese dish.

And also, rolled eggs, miso soup, and the other side dishes which is used seasonal vegetables in Shizuoka.

If you have any request for lesson menu, I can suggest you any different cooking menu as per your request, so please feel free to contact me.

I'd appreciate if you are interested in Japanese cuisine (Washoku) and Shizuoka city through my class!!
Hope to see you in my cooking class!!^ ^

Every generation is welcome, from kids to the elderly.

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