≪Basics of Japanese cuisine and Takikomi Gohan !!≫ class

In this class, I would like to make the Japanese basic soup stock. It is used for delicious cooked rice, miso soup and other small dishes.
Takikomi Gohan is steamed rice made from several kinds of ingredients such as seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, meat, and fish. It is cooked sweet and salty using fermented seasoning such as soy sauce, miso, etc.
Some people living abroad often say that Japanese cooked rice has no taste, but there is a delicious rice dish with such wonderful aroma in Japan!
Moreover, it is very easy to make. Even those who are new to cooking can easily make this delicious rice dish that will make you feel at home.
This is the best menu that eliminates the malnutrition to have after eating some small dishes which go well with good Japanese sake.

Let’s enjoy making a well-balanced and healthy Japanese cuisine!