≪The dishes that go well with SAKE ≫ class


In this class, we make dishes that go well with sake. These are very easy to make. You can enjoy sake tasting with my family.

You know that sake has become popular all over the world now. Some delicious sake can be bought overseas nowadays and there are even some people  living in other countries who are trying to make sake.  

But do you know what kind of dishes go along with sake and make sake even more delicious?

Sake is a fermented food , just like wine, cheese and most seasonings in Japan, so if you drink it with dishes that use fermented foods, the synergistic effect of umami will make the sake even more delicious. I would like to introduce you to dishes that are easy to make using fermented foods that are delicious and are good for your health.

Since our classes will be online for a while, if it is hard to get sake, I would like to show what other alcohol goes well with our dishes.

Of course, when you come to Japan, please try a combination with the sake recommended by my family.

I would like you to have a blissful time and make sure this will be an unforgettable memory for you that you will always cherish for the rest your life.

Now, let's make dishes that go well sake and let's toast together!!