【animeal】 Akihabara Anime Omurice

In this class, you can make omelet rice(omrice), which is often seen in Japanese anime and manga!
The seasoning is made with a Japanese taste.

The omelet rice that you often see in anime has been arranged even more cutely.
Let's put an egg comforter on the cat-shaped rice and write a cute pattern on the comforter.
You can also learn how to make egg decorations and teriyaki chicken.


Please prepare the following ingredients for this class.


Egg,Dashi stock, Bonito flakes, Soy sauce,Rice, Ketchup,Seaweed sheet,Seaweed cutter (scissors that can cut small objects are also OK)

≪Teriyaki chicken≫

Chicken thigh, Potato starch, Salad oil, Soy sauce, Mirin, Sake, Sugar

≪Decoration item≫

Lettuce, Cherry tomatoes, Thin cheese, Broccoli


Wasabi in a tube, Sesame oil, Viegar, Sugar