【online】Virtual Japanese Izakaya Experience Lesson


Do you know Japanese Izakaya?
Izakaya is a part of Japanese food culture.
Izakaya is a place where you can enjoy delicious dishes to go with your drinks at a reasonable price.
In this lesson, you will be able to enjoy Japanese Izakaya culture while in your own country.
Izakaya has a lot of interesting food culture that is unique to Japan.
When you take your seat, you will be given a hand towel called oshibori. You will also be given a small plate called otoshi.I hope that while cooking, you will learn izakaya manners with us and enjoy the atmosphere as if you were actually in the izakaya.
・umami cucumber
Please feel free to join me with your favorite drink!

・1.5-hour online Izakaya cuisine cooking class.

・Recipes (will be provided before the class)

Ingredients for creating your own dishes and cooking tools.
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM for our class in advance.
Please prepare the following ingredients for this class:
  sesame oil
  soy sauce
Pork belly
  Salt and pepper
  Okonomiyaki sauce
  Green laver ( if you like )
chicken leg
Green onion (white part)
  soy sauce
  mirin (sweet sake)