“Any Time New Year” program

Let's have an interesting Japanese culture! “Osechi” is one of “Washoku” traditional Japanese cuisine. “Washoku” was added to UNESCO’s Intangilbe Cultural Heritage list in 2013. “Osechi” is the special traditional cuisine for the New Year’s Day. We also call it “osechi-ryori”. Its dishes are packed beautifully in layers of lacquer boxes called “jubako”. The kinds of osechi-ryori dishes prepared at Japanese homes vary from region to region. Each dish that makes up osechi-ryori has a special meaning such as good luck, happiness , health, wealthy, long life, good harvest, prosperity, and so on. For example, prawns represent long life, kuromame(cooked sweet black beans) mean health, tazukuri(sweet fried sardines) to a good harvest and kurikinton(sweet chestnuts and mashed sweet potato) to happiness. Traditionally people finish preparing osechi dishes by New Year’s Eve so that they have food for a couple of days.


TV clues came to my house!
Washokuju-Sakura was introduced by Tokai TV program"News One". Famous TV anchor came to experience "Any Time New Year Program". Thankfully he and I enjoyed a lot