[ The Class ]

My class offers a unique chance of creating your own Japanese dining experience from preparing to cooking to serving the meal in a traditional Japanese setting using designed tableware.

You can serve the sushi rolls on ceramic plates of various designs, shapes and materials for different seasons. You may also enjoy pouring miso soup into lacquered bowls with beautiful designs.

In my cooking class, you can savor the Japanese homely atmosphere.





  • makizushi (sushi roll)
  • Japanese omelette
  • miso soup
  • sesame pudding

This cooking class would be a fun and memorable experience for you as you’ll get a chance to cook in an actual Japanese home kitchen and feel like you’re being taught by your own grandmother!


Optional Side Trip:

After the class, we can check out the nearby local supermarket halfway back to the train station. You can learn more about Japanese culinary landscape and be amazed by the wide range of foods, seasonal goods, and prepared dishes. This is an amazing way to get a feel of the daily life here in Japan.




My house is located in Fujimino City in Saitama. The nearest train station is Fujimino Station.

  • TOBU TOJO Line -

From the East Exit, you can reach my house on foot (15 minutes).

You can also take the bus and get off at Komabayashi-Nishi bus stop.

If you wish to be picked up by car, I can meet you by the taxi stand at Fujimino Station’s East Exit.

Fujimino Station is only 5 minutes away from Kawagoe Station by train on the Tobu Tojo Line.


  • F Liner Express -

From Shibuya and Shinjuku San-chome stations, it only takes about 35 and 40 minutes, respectively, via the F Liner Express*.

*F Liner is the name of the fastest through service train between the Tobu railway and Tokyo Metro.