Cartoon BENTO

Japanese mums often make lunch in a lunchbox for their children.

It is so unique and fun to see and delicious to eat.

Children will enjoy eating vegetables and be proud of their mums.














Please prepare the following ingredients for this class: - (1 person/ 1 box)
Cooked rice 145g - 2 eggs - 3 small sausages - Boiled broccoli - Boiled Potato - Nori (seaweed paper) - Green seaweed flakes or parsley flakes - Slices of cheese - Long, thin pasta for salad - Soy sauce, sugar, salt, oil, ketchup, mayonnaise - Bento box (if you have one) - Tapioca straws, scissors, tweezers, nori punch (if you have one)




1. Follow along with a detailed demonstration from your friendly online instructor and enjoy cute cartoon BENTO cooking!
2. Make adorable Bento







A 1.0-hour online class
Recipes (will be provided before the class)

Ingredients for creating your own dish at home.

Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM link before our class in advance.