Champon Noodles (Nagasaki Ramen)

Thank you for visiting! This class is for people who are interested in local cuisine as well as typical Japanese dishes.    As I live in Nagasaki, I’d like to share Nagasaki's local cooking experience with you.


Nagasaki is located at the western tip of Japan. A lot of tourists from all over the world visit Nagasaki and enjoy its historic places, beautiful nature, onsen( hot springs), and local dishes. Surrounded by a bountiful natural environment, it is overflowing with delicious food from both the land and the sea. In its history, Nagasaki was the only open window to the world during “Sakoku”, the period of Japan’s national isolation. Nagasaki acted as a bridge between Japan and other countries. Out of the exchange between different cultures, a unique culture, which was called “Champon Culture”, was born. “Champon” means “mixing various things” and it is reflected in the traditional Nagasaki style of cuisine, too.


Champon noodle is one of the most popular regional dishes of Nagasaki and is well known all over Japan. It’s a kind of noodle soup simmered with various ingredients such as pork, seafood, and vegetables. It's similar to Ramen, but Champon is healthier because there are a lot of nutritious ingredients in it. The tip on making it so delicious is its soup. Originally, the soup is made from pork bones, simmered for a long time. In this class, however, I’ll show and tell you how to make it much more quickly and easily.


Please join us and enjoy your online-trip to Nagasaki through this cooking experience!! Hope to see you!