Cold soba noodles and walnuts dipping sauce

Hi, thank you for coming to my page.  I am Misato.  I live in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture.  Azumino is famous for wasabi farm and good water.  People enjoy cold soba noodles with wasabi.  Walnuts are harvested a lot in Nagano as well.  I would like to share you how to cook cold soba noodles and walnuts dipping sauce.   When I am cooking, I love to create dishes that are a combination of diverse flavors.  My classes are aimed at those outside Japan who only know Japanese food like sushi.  The idea behind the classes is to make delicious Japanese food that goes well with sushi rice.  Let's have fun and enjoy cooking.  If you have any questions, I will help you as much as I can.  Hope to see you in my class.










What you need;

Cooking utensils; large pot, small pan, cooking chopsticks, knife, cutting board, measuring cup, measuring spoon, mortar, wooden pestle, sieve

Ingredients; dried soba noodles, green onion, roasted walnuts, miso(Kouji miso or white miso), sugar, mentsuyu, cold water, white sesame, wasabi


  • About 1-hour online cooking class
  • recipes (will be provided before the class)


  • Ingredients creating your own soba noodles
  • Cooking tools

Meeting Point and Meeting Time

This class will be held online .  Zoom link will be sent after booking the class.

✓  This recipe from Azuminoshi, Nagano Prefecture


✓  Notes

This cooking class will be hosted online.  You will receive an e-mail with a link and details on how to join after your booking.

✓  For whom the lessons are

  • Who wants to learn Japanese home style cooking
  • Who wants to learn Japanese local food
  • Who wants to make Japanese friends
  • Who want to learn Japanese cuisine