Colorful Oshi Sushi cooking near Anime character's forest

  • Decorated sushi (Oshi sushi-Pressed sushi)
  • Dashi maki tamago (Rolled Japanese-style omelet)
  • Tori tsukune (Japanese chicken meatballs)
  • We have also vegetarian and vegan menu
  • Authentic green tea (Matcha) with Japanese sweets (after cooking)

In this class, you are going to make a colorful plate lunch with easy decorated sushi (Oshi sushi-Pressd sushi), Dashi maki tamago (rolled Japanese-style omelet), and Tori tsukune (Japanese chicken meatballs). It is easy and perfect recipe for a casual home party. I have also vegetarian and vegan menu. Then you can relax with authentic green tea (Matcha) with Japanese sweets after having this menu together. I will perform a simple Japanese tea ceremony.

I live in suburban Tokyo area, where the Ghibli Anime "My Neighbor Totoro" was set. After this cooking experience, If you prefer, you can walk in the Hachikokuyama forest park, so-called Totoro related forest.(approximately 30 min)