Chara-ben (character bento) making experience

Japanese "Bento" is popular as "BENTO" overseas. "Chara-ben", a kind of bento which shapes rice and side dishes into manga and anime characters, is a unique culture of animation advanced country Japan, attracting attentions all over the world. In this plan, we gonna introduce you how to make a Chara-ben  in English. This will be an experience of making a very cute chara-ben decorated with seaweed and cheese easily. It will be too cute to be ate.

Which Chara-ben  would you like to make?

Please request the character you want to create from this list.

The event will be held in Sendagaya, two stops from Shinjuku, Tokyo.

【After the lesson】

After lunch, we recommend a stroll in Shinjuku Gyoen or a visit to Yotsuya to see the State Guest House Akasaka Palace
Shinjuku Gyoen was created in 1906 as an imperial garden. The garden has more than 10,000 trees in a space of about 58 hectares. It is also a famous cherry blossom viewing spot (reservations required on weekends and holidays).

State Guest House Akasaka Palace
The Guest House was built in 1909 as the Crown Prince's Palace.
It is still used for entertaining guests.