Daily Low-Carb Cooking (Okonomi-Yaki)

As a quick low-carb meal, I would like to share the recipe of Okonomi-Yaki, which is a Japanese non-sweet cabbage-based pancake cooked on a frying pan. In my recipe we use  a very small amount of flour.  You can add your favorite filling, such as sliced pork, shrimp and cheese -- actually “Okonomi” means “Your Favorite”. Let’s also make Caprese (mozzarella cheese and tomato) as a side dish, which is fresh and cold!

If you apply for my class, I will send you the basic recipe in English and a list of ideas for topping (ingredients) so that you can prepare your own “Okonomi” ingredients! During the workshop, I will show you how we cut the materials, make Okonomi-yaki batter, and cook with a flying pan while chatting.  If you have two frying pans, we can cook for two persons at the same time.  Let’s have fun together!

Currently I am doing the workshop mainly by online due to COVID-19.

I could do some workshop on request basis, but I need  to have 3+ customers (4,800 yen per person).