Easy! Onigirazu (Rice Sandwich)

Have you ever heard of Onigiri, Japanese rice balls?
When we make Onigiri (rice ball) we put the ingredients in the rice, mold it in our hands and wrap the seaweed. It is hard for some people to make a triangular ball.
Recently, a new version of Onigiri is getting popular. It is called Onigirazu, or rice sandwiches.
"Onigirazu" is a kind of rice ball, but it is called "Onigirazu" because it is not made into balls. "Onigirazu" is a coined word made by putting Onigiri and Nigirazu (not hand -molded) together.
It started in 1990 when it was introduced in a Japanese anime called "Cooking Papa".  It's very easy to make. While Onigiri is mainly rice,  "Onigirazu" has less rice and you can add a lot of ingredients.  You will be surprised to see how colorful it is when it's cut in half.
1.Sausage & Egg Onigirazu
2.   Chicken Teriyaki Onigirazu
3.  Tuna Onigirazu
1. It's very easy because you don't mold it with your hands.
2. If you master how to make it, you can many different variations   
    with your favorite ingredients.
3. You can learn two ways to make it.
4. In this lesson, I will introduce three kinds of ingredients. I will also 
    teach you how to make teriyaki sauce.
5.It's so compact and portable that Onigirazu will make a perfect
    lunch and picnic meal.
6. The cut ends are very beautiful and perfectly instagramable.
7. My online lessons are easy to understand and taught carefully, so anyone can make delicious "Onigirazu".
Let's make Onigirazu together!
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1-hour online Onigirazu cooking class

Recipes (will be provided before the class)

Ingredients for creating your own Onigirazu and cooking tools.
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM for our class in advance.
Please prepare the following ingredients for this class:

<Serves 2 to 3 > INGREDIENTS:

3 Onigirazu →Cooked rice : 300g・egg : 3 pieces ・Nori (seaweed sheet) :  3sheets ・salt ・pepper ・oil

①Tuna Onigirazu      ・Cooked Rice:100g ・egg : 1 piece  ・Tuna flake:3tsps. ・Kanikamaboko  3pieces ・Cucumber:1/2piece ・lettuce : 1sheet  ・sesame oil ・Nori (seaweed sheet) :  1sheet

Wiener, egg Onigirazu    ・Cooked Rice:100g・Wiener : 1piece  ・egg  : 1piece ・slice cheese : 1sheet・oil ・lettuce : 1sheet, ・sugar  ・mayonnaise ・ketchup ・Nori (seaweed sheet) :  1sheet

③Teriyaki chicken Onigirazu     ・Cooked Rice:100g・chicken thigh : 100g  ・egg  : 1piece ・sugar ・sake  ・mirin・soy sauce・oil  ・lettuce : 1sheet ・Nori (seaweed sheet) :  sheet

<cooking tools>

・Plastic wrap,  Frying pan and lid,  Kitchen knife,  Cutting board, Cooking scissors.