Fried Chicken Donburi with Kakitama-jiru(thick egg-drop soup)


Welcome to this online  Chicken  Donburi making experience, an activity that is easy and uses accessible and reasonable ingredients via an online video chatting platform.

Donburi is a popular dish as a lunchtime menu in Japan, and it is a perfect nutritious  menu for easy to cook and it can be completed with just a single bowl.   In this lesson, I use chicken breast rather than chicken thigh which is healthy with almost  no fat. I will teach you  useful cooking tips for how to make chicken breast  soft and juicy. 

And also I will make dericious Kakitama-jiru using Dashi stock and egg. The soft textured egg goes great with thick Dashi stock.

 I will be broadcasting this online cooking class from my home in Japan, so please note that the time listed is in JST (Japan Standard Time). After you book the class, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join me.  I will also send you a recipe, so please prepare the ingredients in advance. This online cooking class is a great activity to enjoy tasty Japanese cuisine at home and anyone can join with the ingredients.  Learn a new skill of Japanese popular dish Donburi and Kakitama-jiru





Chicken Donburi,  Kakitama-jiru                                                                                           

  • Meeting Point and Meeting Time: I will send you the invitation to the Zoom meeting for my class in advance.
  • Please prepare the following ingredients for this class(for 1 person)

☆For Chicken Donburi

-Approximately 150g -200g Chicken breast, -1 egg,   -1/2 Tbsp potato starch, -1 Tbsps flour , -1/2Tbsp sugar,  -1Tbsps Sake,  -1 Tbsp Mirin,  1.5 Tbsps Soya sauce,  -Vegetable oil(for fry),
- Lettuce or Cabbage,  -White radish sprouts or broccoli sprouts,  -Trefoil,  -cooked rice   -Mayonnaise,-Wasabi(as you like)
If you don’t have Mirin, it can be replaced with Sake and Sugar instead (^_-) (1Tbsp Mirin=1tsp sugar+1Tsp Sake)

☆For Kakitama-jiru

-1 Egg,  -1 tsp Dashi stock,  -1/2 tsp  Soy sauce,  -one pinch  salt,

-1 tsp Potato starch,  trefoil

  ☆For cooking utensils
pan or fryer for fry,  pot, kitchen 
knife, cutting board,  bowls,