Gardening like pressed sushi of hors d'oeuvre

Gardening like pressed sushi of hors d'oeuvre

Kakinoha-sushi is a kind of pressed sushi and a local special cuisine in Nara prefecture. We put sliced and pickled mackerel (or other fish) over a piece of sushi rice, and then rolled it in a persimmon leaf.

In Nara, we make Kakinoha-sushi as a special meal for summer festivals.

“ Melati Jasmine Cuisine, SangoNara” is one of a cooking class in  Washocook association.

Through this lesson, I can show how to cook an “Arranged Kakinoha-sushi” to the foreign people who are interested in exchanging with local Japanese people.

The dish can contain ingredients which are available in your own country. ,

We call it〝Gardening like pressed sushi of Hors d'oeuvre″.

As a starter, it is made for one bite size, and is decorated with vegetables and fruits gathered from garden.

It looks colorful and also has Japanese taste and capture Japanese atmosphere.

It's a very suitable dish to serve for pot luck party !

Meeting Point and Meeting Time:

This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the Zoom for our class in advance.

Please prepare the following ingredients for this class:

< 1 person for pressed-sushi>

The wooden flame for Pressed Sushi or Plastic container -Plastic wrap.

Cooked Rice:165g(rice 0.5cup before cooked)-18ml of Sushi vinegar

-Smoke salmon-1/2 Avocado-1/4 Lemon.

<For decoration>

1 Egg (Seasoning for egg: 1Tsp Dashi powder+1Tbsp water-1/2Tbsp sugar-1pinch Salt)

-1 Cucumber-1/2 Carrot-Mini tomato (If you have)

-Pasta (Long thin pasta for salad)