Hokkaido Chan-Chan Yaki Fondue (ONLINE)

| What Can I learn?

 If you love BBQ and are looking for an easy but delicious dish to impress your family and friends, this will be the perfect lesson for you! !  You get to learn this dynamic, instagrammable and scrumptious CHAN-CHAN YAKI (Fisherman-Style Salmon BBQ) from the Gourmet Land, Hokkaido.

| What is Chan-Chan Yaki?

It's a regional BBQ dish with a huge fillet of salmon grilled along with various local vegetables and MISO-BUTTER sauce. It's so delicious and such a representation of Hokkaido's food culture. To make it even richer and gorgeous, I came up with an idea of adding a pot of melted cheese to give it the element of Cheese Fondue (Hokkaido is the biggest dairy producer of Japan). This is my original recipe, and you will never find the same one anywhere else!

| You will learn how to make:

1. Chan-Chan Yaki Fondue (Fisherman-style salmon BBQ with Fondue)

2. Simple Salt Onigiri (Rice ball)