Chan-Chan Yaki: Hokkaido's Traditional Salmon Teppan-Yaki with Miso-Butter Sauce (ONLINE)

| What Can I learn?

You will learn scrumptious salmon Teppan-Yaki from Hokkaido, called CHAN-CHAN YAKI. In Hokkaido, the dish is typically prepared on special occasions, such as outdoor BBQ party, family reunion, camping, so if you are looking for a new recipe for such occasions, this lesson would be perfect! Preparation of Chan-Chan Yaki is not difficult, so there's no need to worry about, even if your are a beginner at Japanese cooking. 

| What is Chan-Chan Yaki?

Chan-Chan Yaki is a Teppan-Yaki dish with a huge fillet of salmon cooked along with various  vegetables and MISO-BUTTER sauce.  Salmon has long played such an important role in Hokkaido's culinary history (regarded as a gift from gods among Ainu people) and used for varieties of local dishes. Chan-Chan-Yaki was also officially chosen by the MAFF (the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) as one of the most important dishes that represents Hokkaido's culinary culture.  So, that means by enjoying Chan-Chan-Yaki, you are enjoying the culture itself!

| You will learn how to make:

1. Chan-Chan Yaki (Fisherman-style salmon BBQ)

2. Simple Salt Onigiri (Rice ball)

What will I need?

-INGREDIENTS- (Serves 2)
400g Salmon fillet
2 Asparaguses
1/4 Cabbage
1/2 Japanese green onion (or 2 regular green onions)
2 Shiitake mushrooms (or button mushrooms)
1/2 Red pepper
1 Boiled potatoes
100g Tinned corn
3 knobs Butter
<Miso Sauce>
4 Tbsp Miso
100ml Sake
1cup Water
1 Tbsp Mirin
1 Tbsp Sugar
1 clove Garlic, grated
<Cheese Dipper>
150g Emmental cheese, shredded
150g Gruyere cheese, shredded
120ml White wine
2 tsp Corn starch
2 Tbsp water
<Rice Balls>
320g Freshly cooked Japanese rice (Nishiki or so)
1 Nori sheet (the black seaweed paper used for sushi. You might find Japanese and Korean ones at a store but make sure to get a Japanese one)
<Cooking ware and utensils>
*1 Electric griddle with a lid(or 1 non-stick pan with a lid and 1 portable stove)
*1 or 2 turners
*1 Fondue pot or any heat-resistant pot that can be used on the griddle as in the photo of the dish
*2 medium-size bowls
*1 cup for making cornstarch slurry
*1 cooking knife
*1 cutting board
*1 large strainer for washing the vegetables
*a set of measuring spoons
*1 peeler
*1 fish bone tweezer (In case the fish hasn't been boned)
*Plastic wrap