Hiraizumi virtual tour and sushi-making course

Hiraizumi virtual tour and sushi-making course (2,500 yen per person)

5 minute introduction of today’s recipes and preparation

5-10 minute virtual tour of Hiraizumi with a certificated tour guide(me!)
Chuson-ji Temple→Motsu-ji Temple→Takkokkuno iwaya→ Bishamondo→Muryoukoin Ato
Kyokusui-no-En, Ennen-no-Mai, etc (annual events)

5 minute Zen mindfulness explanation and meditation
Before we start cooking, we will complete a mindfulness meditation together through focused breathing, acknowledging and appreciating the journey of the ingredients and the hands they’ve passed through, and to calm our mind.

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We will make tasty sushi rolls together!

A 1hour online rolled sushi cooking class
Recipes (will be provided before the class)
Ingredients for creating your own rolled sushi and cooking tools.
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM for our class in advance.
Please prepare the following ingredients for this class:
Maki sushi, rolled sushi made with seaweed on the outside and rice on the inside (made with egg, carrot, cucumber <2 person> INGREDIENTS: ・Cooked Rice:650g (rice 2 cup before cooked) ・“Sushi-su”(Sushi-Vinegar) 60ml Or Vinegar 4Tbsp+Sugar 1 Tbsp+Salt 1 pinch ・“Nori”(seaweed sheet) :4Sheet ・Carrot:1 ・Cucumber:1 ・ 30cm ×1 pieces or 1pieces ★Dashi (Dry bonito) powder or chicken stock powder:2 tsp ★Water:200 ml ★Soy sauce: 2 Tbsp. ★Sugar : 2Tbsp. ★Mirin : 2Tbsp  ★egg : 2