HomemadeVEGGIE Okonomiyaki & Yaki-Udon

In my session of Kawaii Cooking I would like to teach you how to make VEGGIE Okonomiyaki and Yaki-Udon not only for vegetarian people, but also for the people who want to try a new taste of Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki literally means "As-You-Like-It" Pancake, so you can put anything you want. But in my session you can try to make a basic veggie's one and I will introduce you its variation. Very attractive contrast between the soft texture of Chinese yarn and crispy fried batter. Yaki-udon is stir-fried noodles with vegetables and meat. But here I will use "Soy meat" instead of meat. The special sauce can complete the taste for both dishes. When your creation is complete, we’ll take photos so you can show it off on social media to your friends or family, after that you can eat it for lunch. I hope that these experiences become the highlight of your trip. My motto is making people happy through cooking and eating delicious food. I welcome you with Japanese hospitality.