Japanese cuisine to enjoy seasonal life

-Begin with a single dish for cha-kaiseki/everyday cooking -

I offer the online cooking class of cha-kaiseki, which beginners can make at home for people living in the United States who learn tea ceremonies. Cha-kaiseki is a meal served in a chaji (full course tea function), where both hosts and the guests should act, keeping in mind that every moment is unique, so it has the characteristic of adding a message or theme to the dish. This characteristic includes a sense of the seasons such as seasonal ingredients, colorful and beautiful arrangements, tableware design, space preparation for dining, and a table manner. Therefore, you can experience the traditional Japanese aesthetics by learning cha-kaiseki.

When culture is incorporated from the original to another country or time, it needs to be adjusted. In addition to introducing traditional cha-kaiseki, I will propose cha-kaiseki using ingredients available in the United States, leaving the original essence and considering American culture. Communication and discussion with participants are very important to me.

Though it is hard for beginners to make cha-kaiseki at home, I hope that they will be able to make it and adjust the recipes if necessary under their situation by themselves. I will share the recipes of 1-to 2 dishes, including basic cooking techniques, cooking theory, the essence of the dish, and how to adjust to meet your country’s culture, in a hands-on and easy-to-understand manner in my online cooking class. If you include these in a chaji, a home party, or everyday cooking, the dining atmosphere will be more impressive, and the communication with people through dining will be richer.

    • Main target: Those who love a tea ceremony or Japanese culture in the U.S.(but not limited to)
    • Date: Saturday February 25th 7:30-9:00pm(EST)/Sunday February 26th 9:30-11:00am(JST)
    • Menu: (1) Tuna with grated Chinese yam, (2) Tuna with Chinese yam and avocado


Ingredients are sushi/sashimi-grade tuna, Chinese yam, avocado, broccoli sprouts, lemon, soy sauce, dashi (Japanese soup stock), salt, and wasabi. Kitchen tools are a knife, a cutting board, measuring spoons, kitchen scissors, a grater, and a peeler.

Once you reserve, you’ll receive a regime and recipes with the precise amount of ingredients you’ll need for the class.

  • Lesson fees:4000 JPY per person