Japanese fried chicken (KARA-AGE) & Rice ball (ONIGIRI)


  1. KARA-AGE (Japanese fried chicken)
  2. Onigiri (Tuna mixed with mayonnaise rice ball)
  3. Miso soup (potato and onion)

The Japanese version of fried chicken is known as “KARA-AGE”. It is popular as a lunch box (bento box) menu, as well as an izakaya (tavern) menu. Chicken meat is marinated with typical Japanese seasonings, and then deep-fried.

Onigiri (rice ball) is typical bento box item. You can purchase them at convenient stores in Japan, but hand-shaped freshly homemade onigiri is always nice and delicious. You can make a triangular shaped onigiri easily!

And you can also learn how to make Japanese basic Dashi stock. What is Dashi stock?  It is savory broth made from Japanese foods, such as dried kombu kelp, and dried bonito. They are all rich in “umami” flavor. In this class we use Dashi stock to make miso soup. Miso soup is one of the national foods in Japan.


  1. We cook KARA-AGE (Japanese-style soy sauce flavored fried chicken). The following cooking method provides you with crispy surface and juicy inside fried chicken.
  2. When making rice ball, we grasp cooked rice in our own bare hands to make it triangular shape. We will do this together, because grasping rice ball needs some knack.
  3.  Dashi stock is essential to washoku cooking. Your dishes will become wonderfully delicious and if you keep the stock ready, it’s very convenient for cooking.
  4. Following the detailed demonstration by your friendly online instructor, you can create Japanese popular cuisine.

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☆After booking, I will send you a recipe, so take a look at it for the utensils and detailed ingredients  you need.




About 1-hour 30min. online Japanese popular menu cooking class

Recipes (will be provided before the class)

Ingredients and kitchen utensils for creating your own dishes.
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM for our class in advance.

Please prepare the following ingredients for this class:(1 person):  200g Boneless chicken thigh (or boneless chicken breast), ginger, garlic, cooking sake, soy sauce, flour, katakuriko (Japanese potato starch) or cornstarch, vegetable oil for deep-frying, vegetable for side dish (your favorite vegetable), 1 cup cooked rice (short grain rice), canned tuna, 1 sheet toasted nori (Japanese dried seaweed), onion, mayonnaise, 8cm dried kombu (kelp), 10g katsuobushi (dried-bonito flakes),  potato, 1 tbs. miso. (If not available, I recommend other ingredients. Please contact me for advice.)