Kobe beefsteak Donburi set menu

The World-famous local brand of wagyu meat “Kobe beef”
Every gourmet knows Wagyu, and it is often called the most expensive beef in the world. “Kobe beef “ is one of the high-class Wagyu beef brands in Japan being praised as cultivating the “art of meat,” raising every animal carefully and under rigorous management.  Also, Hyogo is one of Japan's food production areas. Not only Kobe beef, various vegetables, and seafood are produced including Sake and rice. It faces the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of ​​Japan and is blessed with mountains, rivers, and plains.

My class offers you a healthy course cuisine cooking using Kobe beef for the main dish, Japanese style seasonal salad, Savory egg custard, two kinds of side dishes, soup, and dessert, provided with freshly cooked rice. I use ingredients that focus from Hyogo prefecture as much as I can. It is simple cooking but gorgeous! You will learn about well-treated tasty, beautiful, healthy Japanese cuisines and come to learn about Japanese home tableware. I am sure you will enjoy it.

🍽There are lots of Donburi dishes in Japan, and it’s one of the most Popular Japanese lunch menus.  The deliciousness of the Japanese-style Kobe beef Donburi will definitely satisfy you!


  • Beefsteak Donburi
  • Chawanmushi (Savory  egg custard).
  • potato salad
  • Goma-ae( Seasonal fresh green vegetables  seasoned with  sesame sauce)
  • Miso soup(Tofu and Seaweed)
  • Kanten dessert  (Matcha and brown sugar syrup jelly made with plant-based gelatin)