Let's enjoy Japanese autumn cuisine!

Let's enjoy Japanese autumn cuisine!


What kind of food do you want to cook?
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About meYuko Utagawa

Currently in Yokohama city of Japan

Born and raised in Saitama of Japan

Birthday: 21 March 1992

Have been countries visited: 40 prefectures in Japan ,
U.S., Italy, Germany, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan

I want to visit more country


Greeting messageHello :)Thank you for your visiting to my Web page!

I’m Yuko Utagawa.

Please call me "Utako"!

I was born and raised in SAITAMA.(Nearby Tokyo)

And now I live in Yokohama City!

Yokohama city is take a train about 1 hour from Haneda airport, take a train about 40 minutes from Tokyo.My cooking studio is Yokohama Station, Minato Mirai, Kamakura and Hakone are nearby.

I like Japan, Travel, cooking, eating, drinking, KIMONO!

I got married in 2016.
After getting married, I started cooking to make dinner time with my husband more enjoyable and spend happiness time every day!

Cooking with heart and soul makes the dining table more enjoyable and happy.

I would like to share such happy time with you, and I would like to offer a cooking class.

I would be happy to help you make wonderful memories in Japan!

I’m learning English now.

It may be hard to understand my English for sometimes.

But I will answer if you send something you don’t understand in DM of Instagram, Email after the lesson!

The goal of my class is to “Enjoy Japanese dishes at home with loved one”

Because,I believe sharing and eating homemade dishes with your loved one makes happiness and smiling 🙂

Let’s have a fun with Japanese homemade cooking!

I’m looking forward to see you in my class!

If you have any question,Please let me know.

Thank you!