Online local B-class gourmet cooking ”Gohei Mochi"

Welcome to this online cooking class. This classroom will teach you how to make B-class gourmet foods from all over Japan. This time, it is a B-class gourmet of Hida Takayama and Shirakawa-go, which are popular spots in Japan.

It is a dish using rice. Make two kinds of sauces and enjoy each taste. In addition, we will prepare egg soup using a simple bonito-based soup stock.

Learn about the ingredients, share cooking tips, and step by step how to make everything with local cookware. It only takes about 40 minutes to prepare a dish. I want you to learn recipes that are easy to make with seasonings used at home. When you're done, eat the food you cooked together.

<Menu> ・ Gohei mochi (walnut sauce, soy sauce sauce), Soup with Beaten Egg


  1. Make Japanese B-class gourmet with detailed demonstrations by friendly online instructors!
  2. Make dishes using various tools and ingredients.


1.5 hours online class B gourmet (Gohei mochi) cooking class

Recipe (provided before class)


Materials for making your own tableware and cooking utensils.

Meeting place and meeting time:

This cooking class is held online. We will send you a class zoom in advance.

Prepare the following materials for this class:

Ingredients: 1 person ・ Rice: 600g (2 cups of rice before cooking) ・ Walnut 60g ・ Granule soup stock ・ 1 egg ・ Spinach 50g ・ 8 disposable chopsticks

Sugar / salt / soy sauce / sake / miso / potato starch or cornstarch