Make a low-sodium Sushi Roll with UMAMI!

Learn skills to make ✨Sushi Roll✨ and discover the magic of UMAMI, 😍the key to a healthy low-sodium diet!

What you can learn:

  1. How to make Dashi, a Japanese broth rich in UMAMI from bonito flakes and kelp
  2. How to make Atsuyaki Tamago (Japanese egg omelet)
  3. How to make Sushi roll
  4. How to reduce the use of salt with UMAMI
  5. Some cooking tips unique to Japanese cooking

ex) Why does the Japanese scrub cucumber with salt??🥒


  • Introduction(5min)
  • Cooking

・Dashi (15min)

・Atsuyaki Tamago, Japanese egg omelet (10min)

・Sushi roll (30 min)

⚠️The time is approximate.
Please allow yourself to be flexible in your schedule.