Miso Activity at Home “Nagoya-Meshi”

Nagoya-Meshi is a Variety of dishes unique to Nagoya that have been widely popular in the neighboring areas of Aichi. One of the characteristics of Nagoya-Meshi is the use of miso. Traditional miso in Aichi is called `Akadashi` or `Hacchomiso` and is made from soybean and salt. The color is very very dark compared to other areas, but the salt concentration is lower. So it's healthy and can be arranged in various ways. Try cooking different local specialities of Nagoya that can be found nowhere else in Japan.
In my class, I'll introduce various Nagoya-Meshi that you can cook at home using miso. It's easy so you don't need to worry about the level of your cooking skill. The important thing is to relax and enjoy yourself!