MISO: What? Why? How?

Welcome to this online "MISO What? Why? How?" class


Have you ever eaten MISO ?  Have you ever bought MISO ?

For many people, not only foreigners but also Japanese, MISO is mostly used for MISO soup.

So, after purchasing one package of MISO, you may leave it in the back of the refrigerator.  Or you may be afraid of purchasing one package, as you think it can not be used up.

MISO is too good to waste!  In this class, I will explain WHAT is MISO, WHY is MISO recommended, and HOW MISO can be fully utilized in your daily diet.

For the first 15 minutes, I will explain WHAT is MISO (ingredients, various types, taste difference etc.)  and WHY is MISO recommended (nutirients, health benefits etc.).

Then for next 45 minutes, let's make a few recipes with MISO.

You may see following pictures and can pick up what you want to try.  All of them are very easy!

Or if you have any ingredients which you want to cook with MISO, please let me know in advance, so I can prepare your own recipe and share it in the class.

Or I will introduce 4 recipes which can be cooked with ordinary ingredients.

1 hour online class. Recipe will be provided before the class.
Ingredients and seasonings for the class
Meeting point and Meeting Time:
This class will be held online.  ZOOM URL will be provided via mail in advance.