Nerikiri (Japanese Traditionlal sweets)class


Thank you for your visiting to my class page!!

Through my cooking class,  you can enjoy cooking "Nerikiri" which is one of Japanese traditional sweets "Wagashi", and which is known for artistic hancrafted sweets.


In my class, we cook 2 kinds of "Nerikiri" .

One is named "Mt Fuji", and the other one is "Cherry blossom"


Mt Fuji. is the simbol of Japan and also Shizuoka, and the Cherry blossoms are Japan's national flower. So I think it will be a good memory of your time in Japan.


Then, after cooking class, let's enjoy a simple tea ceremony, and eat Nerikiri  and some snacks together.  Shizuoka is famous for grean tea!


Nerikiri is made from only 3 ingredients.

White bean paste  / Sugar / refined rice flour / (just a little natural coloring)Therefore, this will make it easier for people with allergies to enjoy it.


The lessons are approximately 2 - 2.5  hours long.


I'd appreciate if you are interested in Japanese sweets "NERIKIRI" and Shizuoka city through my class!!
Hope to see you in my cooking class!!^ ^

Every generation is welcome, from kids to the elderly.


P.S.  If you would like to have a classroom visit, please contact us and we will consider it. Basically, transportation costs and some miscellaneous expenses will be added.