Online local B-class gourmet cooking ”Kei-chan"




Welcome to this online cooking class. This classroom will teach you how to make B-class gourmet foods from all over Japan. This time, it is a B-class gourmet of Hida region in Gifu prefecture , which are popular spots in Japan.





(photo of Gero Hot spring)



The dish is "Kei-chan".

"Kei" means chicken in Japanese. "Chan" is a nickname in Japanese.

According to one theory, the Chinese character "Jan", which stands for soy sauce, has changed.

The reason is that by soaking chicken in an ancient Japanese fermented seasoning, it has the effect of softening the taste as well as stain it.

It is a dish in which chicken is soaked in seasoning for about 3 hours and stir fry with vegetables.

Since around 1960, local butcher shops and taverns have improved independently, and it has become one of the town revitalization as a local B-class gourmet.

In addition to Kei-chan, we also make rice cooked with mushrooms.




It is a simple dish that you cook with the ingredients and seasoning together.

We also make simple pickles of cucumber.




It looks delicious! Would you like to cook together?

I am waiting for you!


<Menu> ・ Kei-Chan, Cooked rice with mushrooms, Pickles of cucumber




  1. Make Japanese B-class gourmet with detailed demonstrations by friendly online instructors!
  2. Make dishes using various tools and ingredients. 



Included: Included: 1.5 hours online class B gourmet (Kei-chan and 2 other dishes) Cooking class recipe (provided before class)



Exclusion: Materials for making your own tableware and cooking utensils. Meeting place and meeting time: This cooking class is held online. We will send you a class zoom in advance. Prepare the following materials for this class:



Ingredients: chicken thigh, chicken breast, cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot(above Kei-chan).Rice, mushrooms, carrots, tuna (above rice cooked ).Cucumber (above pickled cucumber). 



seasoning: miso, soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking liquor, sugar, garlic (Chopped),Granule soup stock (chicken consomme is also acceptable).