Sakura Annpan 🌸Japanese sweet red bean bun

Welcome to my online lesson "Sakura Anpann " .

One famous Japanese-style bread is anpan (bread stuffed with red bean paste), which was first produced by the Kimuraya in 1874.

Do you think handmade bread is difficult?   It must be easier than you expect.   Fresh handmade bread is so delicious .  It would be fun if I could make with you.  Why don’t you try home-made bread?   Let's try together !   I'm looking forward to seeing you near future.


1.Follow along with a detailed demonstration from your friendly online instructor and create your own Anpann.2.If red bean spread is unavailable,  I will show you alternative material .3.During the fermentation time,  enjoying talking about Japanese culture or your next trip to Japan .


2‐hour online cooking class                                                                                              Recipes (will be provided before the class)


Ingredients and cooking tools.

▶Meeting Point and and Meeting Time:

This class will be held online.                                                                                                              I will send you the ZOOM for my class in advance.

▶Please prepare the following ingredients for this class:

<Bread>strong wheat flour/ bread flour, sugar, salt, instant dry yeast, unsalted butter, egg yolk, tepid water 

<Fillingsweet red bean paste (smooth sweet bean  or mashed sweet bean),sweet potato paste,  sugar, milk,  butter,  matcha powder