Salad Sushi Rolls class

Why don't you make a colorful and beautiful salad roll with plenty of vegetables used for salad?

The sushi rolls I introduce are not traditional Japanese "Maki sushi " but healthy "Salad Maki sushi" that you can eat like a salad. Salad sushi is not typical Japanese sushi rolls, but it is one of the most popular sushi in world in recent years.
In this classroom, we will make sushi rolls by incorporating your favorite vegetables for salads that are familiar to you!


【Good things after taking this course】

  • You can experience healthy sushi rolls that can be made using salad ingredients, and the way to eat vegetables will expand!
  • Sushi rolls that can be used in various situations, such as serving as a family or taking it to a party, will come in handy once you can make it!
    We will teach you skills that you can make and enjoy yourself.

【Suitable for such people!】

  • People who want to make sushi rolls.
  • Vegetable-centered diet
  •  Vegetarian
    (The recipes I introduce are not completely for vegetarians, but we will propose ingredients that can be substituted for each.)