Seasonal Japanese dishes - Gluten free, vegan and any request of your needs



Fried Tofu roll with seasonal vegetables

Japanese omelette
You have options of a plant-based or a traditional one.
Tofu dengaku
Sauteed tofu with traditional miso sauce
Miso Soup or Osumashi (clear soup) with seasonal vegetables
You can learn how to prepare Japanese soup stock
Onigiri - rice ball
You have a choice of white, half milled, brown and mixed grain rice.  You can learn how to make delicious rice with a pot, not a rice cooker as well as how to make Onigiri.
Green tea
I use natural seasonings made with traditional methods for my dooking.
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This cooking lesson includes many tips for traditional Japanese cooking.  You can learn how to make Japanese soup stock, cook Japanese rice with a pot and make  Onigiri (rice ball) , make Japanese Omelette and tofu dishes. I am happy to arrange dishes If you have a specific request for your food and  will teach you how to substitute with other ingredients.