Soboro on rice and simmered TOFU

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As you know,  Japanese cuisine(Washoku) is said to be very  good for health.
Because Washoku uses seasonal ingredients and is very nutritious.
Washoku contributes to a balanced diet.
In my class, I add some herbs or  spices that are popular in Japanese cuisine.
It may improve your physical condition.
This 「Soboro on rice 」is very popular in Japan.
We can cook this easily and it is well balanced.
We also make this for a lunch box, because it is delicious even if it is cooled.
I add some ginger to these menu .
The smell of ginger will make you refreshed and give more energy.
"Gingerol", a pungent ingredient of ginger helps sweating  and warms your body.
This dish is also called tri-colored bento is visually appealing, and reminds us of the spring landscape in Japan.
The scrambled egg may translate into a rape flower field, while green vegetables become fresh greenery. The brown soboro meat symbolizes the soft soil of the ground,
Let's cook this that gives you a lift !