Traditional Japanese Cuisine with a chef

I’ll teach you how to make washoku—traditional Japanese cuisine—and together we'll cook four delicious, easy-to-make dishes. First, we’ll prepare dashi, a simple seaweed-based stock that is the cornerstone of our country's cooking. Using seasonal ingredients and dashi stock, we’ll make a home-style entrée, side, soup, and dessert.

I’ll explain the ingredients, share cooking tips, and provide step-by-step instruction on how to make everything with local cooking tools. Each dish only takes about 20 minutes to create. There are plenty of complicated and time-consuming Japanese recipes, but I want you to learn ones that you'll use back home. When we’re finished, we’ll eat the food we prepared together.

<Menu>・Rolled Beef with Okra・Saikyo-yaki of Salmon
・Rolled Egg(Dashimaki-Tamago)・Miso-soup・Rice ball (Onigiri)