Vegan Cutlet Curry with homemade dressing salad

In this cooking class, we  cook "Vegan Cutlet Curry and Salad with homemade plant-based dressing" together!

"Katsu curry" is a Japanese take on curry accompanied by a cutlet which is typically pork.
For Vegan cutlet curry class, we use a soy meat cutlet instead and a plant-based curry roux as well.

Homemade dressing is grated onion based delicious dressing which is also plant-based.

We use "Vegan Dash(Japanese soup stocki".

"Dashi" is Japanese soup stock that is the backbone of many Japanese dishes.

This clear broth is infused with a distinct "Umami(savory)" flavor which adding richness and depth to any dishes.

Inclusions: 1.5hour online Japanese curry cooking class Recipes (will be provided before the class)

Exclusions: Ingredients for creating your own dish at home.

Meeting Point and Meeting Times: This cooking class will be held online. I will send you the ZOOM for our class in advance.

*Please note that the time listed is in JST (Japan Standard Time).