Browser Specifications and System Requirements

To be maximize the customer experience, we recommend you to use the following system requirements for browsing our website.


  • Windows 8.1 or later
  • Microsoft Edge : latest edition
  • Google Chrome : latest edition
  • Mozilla Firefox : latest edition
  • Macintosh OS X latest edition
  • Safari latest edition
  • Google chrome : latest edition
  • Firefox : latest edition
  • Android
  • Standard browser
  • Chrome for Android
  • iPhone
  • Mobile Safari
  • Chrome for iOS
  • iPad
  • Mobile Safari
  • Chrome for iOS

For the responsive web design

We are adopting the responsive web design that can be displayed with each users resolution. That’s why we reccemmend you to use the browser that is suitable for “CSS3 Media Queries” in the case of use iOS/Android.


Please make sure that your JavaScript setting on your browser is on, because we have some contents that use JavaScript.