Anime Characters Lunchbox


Chara-ben is a shortened word of characters Bento (lunchbox), which expresses anime characters using foods.?
Japanese moms started making Chara-ben for kids’ lunch boxes to make them.The Chara-ben is very cute (Kawaii) and kid’s can proud it toward their friends.?
Kid’s can eat dislike foods as well because of cute shapes and character.?

Nowadays, it is a boom and there are lots of recipe books and contests. Many Japanese people are having fun to post pics of Chara-ben on multiple SNS. As a result Chara-bens are becoming popular in the world! ?
Let’s try making Chara-ben and share pics with friends on SNS!

Cinnamoroll parts

Red Flower

 1 piece
Vegetable oil
 1/2 tea spoon
Thin pasta for salad
 1 piece


  1. Use 1 sausage. Cut both edges of sausage.
  2. Make cut in sausage as below. This cut is done at 1cm distance.
  3. Turn this cut Sausage 90 degrees. Make cut in this Sausage again as same as before.
    All cut are placed at 5mm distance.
  4. Turn on the stove. Stir-fry Sausage on the pan through medium heat for 5 minutes.
    Sausage will be a little bit bend.
  5. Take out Sausage from the pan. Attach the both edges by Pasta as below.
    The figure becomes like Flower.
  6. Put a tiny circle egg crape in the center of Flower shape.
    This egg crape was made from round plastic form.


Small Yellow Flower

Egg crape
1/4 sheet


  1. Remove the surface Yellow only from 1Kanikama. Cut it by small Flower shaped Plastic form. Make 4 Flowers.
    *It’s no problem to use Yellow egg crape instead of Yellow Kanikama.


Blue Egg crape
1/4 sheet
Egg crape
1/4 sheet
Red Kanikama sheet
2 pieces
Sliced cheese
1 sheet


  1. Place 1 Sliced cheese on Red part of Kanikama(2sheets are necessary). At that time please put cheese on the white side of Kanikama.
    Cut them together by Plastic form(Large circle). After that, turn over this sheet. Red colored sheet is prepared.
  2. Next, cut Yellow egg crape by Plastic form(Medium circle). And put it on the above Red sheet as below.
  3. Then, cut Blue egg crape by Plastic form(Small circle). And put it on the above 2 colored sheet as below.
  4. Cut this 3 colored sheet into half.
  5. Cut Kamaboko into 1cm evenly to make 2 sheets. Make cut in Kamaboko at 2cm length as below.
  6. To make cloud figure use Flower shape’s plastic form. Cut Kamaboko by plastic form. It’s better to use half-full of Plastic form as below.
  7. Combine all parts. Rainbow is completed.
  8. Decollate Cinnamoroll, Flowers and Rainbow in the box.