Anime Characters Lunchbox


Chara-ben is a shortened word of characters Bento (lunchbox), which expresses anime characters using foods.​
Japanese moms started making Chara-ben for kids’ lunch boxes to make them.The Chara-ben is very cute (Kawaii) and kid’s can proud it toward their friends.​
Kid’s can eat dislike foods as well because of cute shapes and character.​

Nowadays, it is a boom and there are lots of recipe books and contests. Many Japanese people are having fun to post pics of Chara-ben on multiple SNS. As a result Chara-bens are becoming popular in the world! ​​
Let’s try making Chara-ben and share pics with friends on SNS!


Ingredients service for 1 person


 2 sheets
 1 piece
Soup stock powder
 1/2 tea spoon
 1/2 tea spoon
Egg without yolk
 1 piece
Food coloring Blue
 1 pinch
1 tea spoon
 1 pinch
 3 pieces



1/2 rice cup
Seasoned Salmon flake
1 table spoon
Nori seaweed sheet (for tail)
Nori seaweed sheet (for face)
Sliced cheese
1 sheet
Egg crape
1/2 sheet

Cooking procedure


  • Important/ Before trying to make all foods, need to prepare some coloring parts for characters. Mention about this cooking preparation as follows.

Red sheet from Kanikama

  1. Remove the surface Red only from 3 Kanikamas.
    These red sheets will be used as any Red parts.

Blue egg crape

  1. Mix an egg (without yolk) and 1 pinch of Food coloring Blue, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, 1 pinch of salt. Use this egg mixture to make thin Blue crape. This sheet will be used as any Blue parts.

Egg crape / Yellow Egg crape

  1. Mix an egg with all seasonings. Pour it on Square pan. Heat on the stove and cooked this egg mixture through medium heat. This yellow sheet will be used as any Yellow parts.

Green decollation for surroundings

  1. Place lettuce to follow the shape of box as decollation.

An egg without yolk

Thin blue egg crape

Green decollation




    Regarding Cinnamoroll’s body and head.
    Make 4 rice balls for Head, Ears and Body from 2/3 cooked rice as below. All parts are including Salmon Flakes as fillings. (Total amount of the filling is 1 table spoon)
  1. For Cinnamoroll’s pants, cut 1/2 of egg crape by paper cup like below. Place this cut egg crape on the body part of Cinnamoroll.
  2. Make Cinnamoroll’s hands and feet from Cheese
    Cut Kamaboko into 1cm evenly. 3 sheets are necessary. Cut them by Plastic forms for 2 large and small circles. Large parts will be feet, and smaller will be hands.
  3. For eyes’ parts, punch Nori by puncher to get 2 small ellipse parts.
  4. For mouth, punch Nori by Heart shape’s puncher.
    After punched it, make mouth’s figure by scissors as below.
  5. For both cheeks, cut Red sheet of Kanikama by plastic form.
  6. Make the tail of Cinnamoroll.
    Place 1 sheet of Nori with 1 sheet of Sliced cheese on Plastic wrap. Put 1/3 of cooked rice on this sheet without any space. Place Plastic wrap on this rice with Nori. Flip it up side down. Remove the upper wrap.
  7. Roll up them. It becomes like rolled sushi.
    Cut it into 3cm distance. This spiral figure is used as Cinnamoroll’s tail.
  8. Place all above parts of Cinnamoroll as below.


Rice over Nori

Wrap over it

Nori over it

Roll up


Ears and Body