Basic DASHI stock is a fundamental element of Japanese cuisine. Your dishes will become wonderfully delicious and if you keep the stock ready, it’s very convenient while cooking.


  1. Wipe the Konbu with kitchen paper to remove the dust.
  2. Pour 1600 ml of water in the pot and place the konbu. Simmer for around 15 minutes over medium to low heat until it almost comes to boil.
    なべに1600ccのみずをいれ、そこにこんぶをいれて15ぷんていど にる。ひはちゅうびからよわびでふっとうするちょくぜんまでにる
  3. When small bubbles come up from bottom of the pot take out the kombu.
    *Do NOT boil water with KOMBU in the pot. Otherwise the smell of kombu will become too strong!
    なべのそこからちいさなあわがでてきたら、ふっとうちょくぜんのあいずです。こんぶをとりだす。 ※こんぶがなべのなかにあるときにはふっとうさせないでください。さもないとこんぶのあじがつよくなります。またこんぶから“ぬめり”がでてきます。
  4. Tune up the heat. When the liquid comes boil, add the katsuo-bushi all at once.
  5. Tune down the heat a little, and simmer the liquid for a few minutes (5 minutes) while skimming off the scum thoroughly.
    ひをすこしよわめて、5ふんていど あくをとりながらにます。
  6. Turn off the heat, Wait until all the Katuobuhi sink to the bottom, Strain the liquid through fine mesh sieve to obtain the clear soup-stock in a bowl. *Do not squeeze liquid from remaining Katsuobushi.