Rolled Omelet
Enjoy the soft and flavor of egg a well as the aroma of stock.


Ingredients service for 4
Egg たまご
Basic DASHI stockだし
60 ml
1.5 table spoons
1/4 tea spoon
1/2 tea spoon
2 pieces


  1. Crack eggs and mix the chopsticks lightly then add seasonings.
  2. Spread vegetable oil onto a square pan. Wipe the excess oil with kitchen paper and heat it over medium heat.
  3. Wait the pan becomes hot enough.
    Drop a few drops of the egg mixture to check sizzling sounds.
  4. Spread 1/4 portion of the egg mixture into the pan evenly. When the egg mixture starts bubbling, break bubbles with chopsticks.
    * Baked the egg mixture evenly.
  5. When the egg mixture becomes half-cooked, place seaweed and roll it from back to front using chopsticks or a fry turner. After making a roll, slide it to back and spread oil onto the space of the pan.
    1/3 portion of the egg mixture and spread even under the cooked egg roll and bake. Once again when half cooked, roll it all from back to front and repeat this process until you use up the egg mixture.
    When you complete to make a big roll, bake the surface of it until turns golden (if you like).
    (Place seaweed into 1st layer and 3rd layer)
  6. Take the egg roll out of the pan and let it cool. Cut the roll lengthwise into 8 pieces