Ingredients service for 1 person
Cooked rice (for Kitty)
150 g
1/4 teaspoon
Baked salmon flakes
2 teaspoons
Nori seaweed sheet
10cm x 10cm
Kanikama (for Cheeks)
2 pieces
1 piece


  1. Wrap cooked rice with plastic wrap and put salmon flakes inside.
    Make face and ears with plastic wrap.
  2. Peel red part of Kanikama.
    Punch kanikama using round puncher.
  3. Cut Nori sheet for eyes,Whiskers using scissors.

Put all staff in a Bento box

  1. Put face of Kitty into a Bento box.
    Decollate other parts on a face. Put Kanikama for ribbon with mayonnaise.
  2. Pack rolled eggs, broccoli, fried chicken, etc around Kitty properly.

Charaben Hello Kitty Bento Box