Saikyo-yaki of Salmon

Saikyo-yaki is grilled fish such as salmon marinade with saikyo-miso.
Saikyo miso: White miso or fermented soy bean paste made in Kyoto.


Ingredients service for 2
Salmon なまじゃけ (Nama-jake)
2 pieces
Saikyo-miso さいきょうみそ
2 table spoons
* Sugarさとう
1/2 table spoon
* Sakeさけ
1/2 table spoon
* Mirinみりん
1 tea spoon
** Saltしお
1 pinch
Sake is Japanese rice wine.
** Salt 1 pinch for each piece of salmon.


  1. Cut salmon into half.
    Sprinkle salt and wipe off the water on the salmon pieces with kitchen paper.
    なまじぇけは はんぶんに そぎぎりにし、しおをふり、ふりでてきたすいぶんを、キッチンペーパーできちんとふきとる。
  2. Mix the ingredients (*) and marinate salmon with the mixture.
    Place them for 30 minutes.
  3. Put them on cooking paper on a pan and grill over lower medium heat for around 7 minutes with lid.
    Turn over the pieces and grill for another 3 minutes.