Makizushi (“rolled sushi”) is a cylindrical piece, formed with the help of a bamboo mat known as a makisu. Makizushi is generally wrapped in nori (seaweed). Makizushi is usually cut into six or eight pieces, which constitutes a single roll order.


Ingredients service for 4
Rice こめ
2 rice cups
Sushi-Vinagrar すしす
70 ml
Seaweed sheet (Nori)のり
4 Sheets
Carrot にんじん
Dried gourd shavings (Kanpyou)かんぴょう
30cm ×4 pieces
Cucumber きゅうり
Kanikamaboko かにかま
12 pieces
*Stock だし
200 ml
*Soy sauce しょうゆ
2 Tbsps
*Sugar さとう
2 Tbsps
*Mirin みりん
2 Tbsps


First of all

1.Soak dried gourd shavings in water for 5 minutes. Rub them with salt until getting soft (elastic), then rinse with water.
かんぴょうはあらかじめみずに5ふんほどつけてから、やわらかく (だんりょく)がでるまで、しおでもみあらいする。
(かんぴょうはきらないで しようする)

2.Cut carrot into sticks of around 5mm thickness

3.Mix the seasoning (*) in a pan and boil. Put 1 and carrot sticks into the pan and simmer for 13 minutes until carrot become soft. Add KANIKAMABOKO (crab-look fish cake) and simmer for 3 minutes.(Cool them on the dish)
かんぴょうとにんじんを*のちょうみりょうで、にんじんがやわらかくなるまで13ふんにる。そのご、かにかまぼこ をくわえて、さらに3ふんにる。(にたぐざいはおさらにとりだし、さます。)

4. Rub cucumber with salt and roll it on a cutting board. Cut it into sticks of around 5mm thickness

Sumeshi すめし

1. Cook rice using a rice cooker.Spread the cooked hot rice into a sushi-oke (wooden bowl). Sprinkle the Sushi-su over the rice and mix lightly the rice by SHAMOJI or rice spatula very quickly with a catting motion.
たいたおこめをすしおけに うつし、すしすをかけます。しゃもじできるようにかるくまぜます。

2. Fan to cool the rice and release moisture vapor with UCHIWA or a hand fan.This will give sushi rice a shiny look. Then, the sushi rice is ready!

Making Rolled-Suhi まきずし

3.Place a sheet of NORI (seaweed sheet)
on a MAKISU bamboo mat. Spread SUMESHI on the NORI gently with 2 cm of space left at the back edges.
まきすのうえにのりをのせ、そのうえにごはんをかるくのせる。のりのうえとし うえを 2cm のこして すめしをひろげる。

4. Place cooked ingredients on the center of the rice.

5. Lift up both corners of the front side of the bamboo mat with your fingers holding NORI and sushi rice all together. Roll it carefully over to have the front side touches the back edge

6. Gently but firmly press the bamboo mat on the roll to shape them.

7. Cut it into 8~9 pieces. Wipe and clean up the knife with a wet kitchen towel several times while cutting.
ぬらしたふきんでほうちょうをふきながら、8~9 とうぶんする。