Buri Daikon : Simmered yellowtail with Japanese white radish


Ingredients service for 4
Yellowtail (Buri) ぶり切り身
4 Filets
White radishだいこん
1/3 cut
200 cc
* Sakeさけ
2 tablespoons
* Sugarさとう
2 tablespoons
* Soy sauceしょうゆ
3 tablespoons
* Mirinみりん
2 tablespoons
* Dashi granulestablespoons
2 teaspoons


  1. After boiling buri to remove the smell, transfer to cold water.
  2. Cut a white radish. Put radish into water and boil 15 min.
  3. Put seasonings of * then add the buri /radish after boiling of seasonings.
    Simmer 30 minute into low heat with a lid.
  4. Simmer Buri until the liquid became thickens.
    Adjust the time to cook according to the amount of ingredients.
    たれが “とろとろ” になってきたら できあがり。
    ぐのりょうにあわせて、にる じかんを ちょせいしてください
  5. Serve 4 into dishes and put thinly sliced Ginger as you like.

Cut a white radish

Round off sharp corners

boil 15min

Simmer Buri

Low heat with a lid