Takenoko no Wakatakeni

Bamboo shoots called as TAKENOKO are one of the spring specials in Japan.
Bamboo shoots are consumed in Japan, China and Southeast Asia from long ago.


Ingredients service for 4
Bamboo shoot たけのこ (Takenoko)
100 g
Seaweedわかめ (Wakame)
20 g
Dashi Soup-stocks だしじる
300 cc
* Soy sauceしょうゆ
1 table spoon
* Mirinみりん
1 table spoon
* Sakeさけ
1 table spoon
* Sugarさとう
2 tea spoons


  1. Cut a bamboo shoot into 6-7 centimeters long and cut the top part lengthwise with 5 millimeters thick.
    If you use the bottom part, slice it into 5 millimeters round. Cut seaweed into bite size pieces.
    たけのこと わかめは ひとくちだいに きる。
  2. Simmer bamboo shoot for 15 minutes with seasonings(*) in a pan over medium heat.
    なべに たけのこをいれて、ちょうみりょう(*)といっしょに、ちゅうびで15ふんにる。
  3. Add seaweed and simmer them for another 5 minutes.